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Be For Beauty is an ideal stop for anybody who likes to improve and curate their personal lifestyle—and appreciates a fresh perspective while doing so. We don’t like to put an age bracket—we have met 13-year-olds that are more mature than 33-year-olds. But if you were to ask us: our ideal reader would be a woman of discerning taste, who enjoys a cup of Oolong Rose Tea as she much as she enjoys her Pinot Noir—
and is addicted to Netflix (like us).

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Be For Beauty's Summer Guide. Photographs by Abhimanyu Choudhary. Location: Summerhouse Cafe

How It All Started By Manavi Siddhanti

To tell you the long and short of it, I’ve been a part of Indian media for a decade now. I’ve tried my hand (arm and leg) at TV production. Years went by and I worked as a writer and editor at India’s media companies: India Today Group. If you Google my deets, you’ll find my bylines in over 30 publications (I’m not trying to brag). But yeah, that’s what I have been up to.

Back in 2014, I decided to take a plunge and work solo. So I started blogging about Beauty—which soon turned into Lifestyle blogging. My experience in travel, working in production, executing fashion shoots and penchant for lifestyle all came together.

But I didn’t do it alone.


How Be For Beauty Went to Switzerland By Pragati Siddhanti

Hello, everyone! I am Pragati—am the co-founder and partner at Be For Beauty. Earlier in 2016, I relocated to the picturesque city of Basel, Switzerland with my 6-year-old daughter and a workaholic husband. After giving up my 6 figure salary and role as an IT manager in India, I decided it was time to take a leap of faith and dedicate this time to grow and hone our baby, Be For Beauty.

This website (notice I call it a website, not a blog) has more to it than most others have to offer. We strive to create quality-driven content with plenty of tips and great insights for anybody who’s kind enough to stop by.


We’re more than just a blog, we’re content creating genies. Adept in writing, proofreading, creating social media content and coming up with a strategy, we’ve helped unique brands find their space, create (and increase) engagement and lead to sales.

We have unique proposals for start-ups, medium as well as large companies and would be happy to manage your content.



“Manavi’s knowledge and proactive approach on latest social media trends is noteworthy. She advocates a 360-degree approach  when initiating a marketing strategy for luxury brands. I would like to thank her for optimizing Lushescapes’ presence across all social media handles. Good luck! “

Abhishek Dadlani, Founder & CEO, Lushescapes


“Working with Manavi has been a pleasure. Fashion is fast and dynamic and Manavi is hands on with the industry dynamics and works proactively and innovatively. She is a thorough professional and takes deadlines seriously. Her experience as a writer reflects on her work. The crisp yet fluid content that she pens downs reflects her thorough research on topics and areas. Beauty is her forte and she does it best like no other. Manavi’s suggestions and analysis of content creation are also valuable. Would recommend her if you are looking for innovative and outstanding content. I shall look forward to working with her again”

Shreyasa Mukherjee, Former Content Editor at Myntra.com


“Manavi has been an eminent Beauty Editor and a reputed blogger in the industry. She has been rendering a great service to our brand Aaranyaa by handling and growing our social media handles with a sound strategy and approach.I express my choicest wishes for the  grand success in her professional life.”

Nagendra Pal Singh, Founder and CEO, Aaranyaa

“I am very happy to be working together with Pragati Siddhanti from Be for Beauty for my Organic Skin care website and various Social Media channels. I especially appreciate how well and creatively she approaches Social Media solutions visually and technically.”

Daniela Thüring, Founder and CEO, dhania Frischkosmetik


“Working with Manavi Siddhanti has been a very good experience. She was extremely helpful in conceptualizing the articles that I wrote and was a very good guide. Her knowledge of beauty and make-up is as good as any professional of the trade and she is most certainly an authority of the subject besides being working hard. I wish her all the very best in her new endeavors and support her every move.”

Clint Fernandes, Celebrity Make-Up Artist

“I came in contact with Manavi Siddhanti when she was working with Prevention magazine. I have contributed as an expert for a number of beauty and health stories written by Manavi. She is an accomplished beauty and lifestyle writer who ensures creating a point of view and an approach to a story that delights, informs and surprises the reader. Her work is witty, highly creative and versatile. She always brings a responsible, well-researched, detailed, collaborative and incredibly energetic approach to her writing and to the work in which she engages. It has always been a pleasure working with a talented professional like Manavi.”

Dr. Varun Katyal, Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist, The Skin Centre

“Manavi comes up with so many new ideas on stories related to skin and hair care. And her attention-to-detail has always been impressive. Your blog, Be For Beauty, looks great Manavi– Keep it up!”

Dr Rekha Sheth, Dermatologist and Cosmetic Physician, Yuva Clinics

“I have known Manavi for a while: To me, her name rings of someone polite, thorough in her knowledge and passionate about her work. She never ceases to amaze me with her ideas. It’s been a pleasure interacting with Manavi and would continue to work with her. Cheers and lots of love!”

Dr Apratim Goel, Dermatologist and Skin Expert, Cutis Skin Studio